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Symbols in Eastern Films and Western Science Fiction Films

When talking about the differences in the forms of expressions between eastern and western movies, the most notable feature that must be figured out is the usage of symbols in eastern films and westernBest Scifi Movie. The frequent usage of symbols in eastern films cannot be found usually in western films.

In generally, symbol methods can be divided into four categories:

A. Visual symbol of the image: in the movie Armageddon, Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai are pushing the NianZishan while discussing the war, which is the symbol of pushing the wheels of history; Shear in the film Magic Whip is highlighted as some sort of symbol of the spirit of traditional culture; in the film Red Girl, the eye-catching shapes of red dressed figure is as a symbol of the spirit of moving up;

B. hearing symbol of the image: when Zan Yihong in the film Night goods is getting close to Morgenthau, the roar of a train is a symbol of national righteousness;

C. Combination of visual and hearing symbol of the image: the visual image of the wheelbarrow in the end of the film Accent and hearing the roar train image come across, acting a symbol of the old and the new life's conflict and the inevitability of historical trends.

D. Narrative symbolic image: it mainly refers to the circumstances and details of the symbol. There are overall and partial parts. Film Old Well constructs all the circumstances described in the film to a symbol of a whole part -- the tenacious survival of the Chinese national will. In Old Well, the detail of married Wang Quan inverting urinal appeared three times symbolize him was finally into the tradition.

There are indeed a lot of good movies in Europe and America. Different with eastern Science Fiction Films, western films are prone to using the themes of enjoying life and idealistic.

One of the most notable features is the use of special effects- the science fiction film. In the terms of science fiction film, the most important two forms of expressions that used are special-effect technique with the help of science and the shocking scenes or ideas made from imagination and creativity. These three elements are the most highlighted ones by western people, especially Americans.